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Construction Dewatering / Mass Excavation

PES can handle Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Removal/Mass Soil Excavation/Construction Dewatering

Due to the inherent risk of release of contaminants to the subsurface at any facility, buried storage tanks and associated piping represent a real and significant environmental liability.  Underground storage tanks (USTs) have been utilized for decades to store petroleum-based fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, heating oil), hazardous liquids (solvents, etc.) and waste materials.  In general, aging as well as continued usage results insults in increased propensity for leakage.   This fact makes UST liabilities a significant cost consideration to tank owners/operators, as well as prospective property buyers that may be unaware of abandoned and undocumented USTs.


The installation, operation, closure and removal of USTs are regulated by federal law under 40 CFR Part 280-282.  In addition, respective State and occasional local municipality regulations exist regarding activities associated with the installation/usage and/or modification of bulk storage systems.


PES staff has substantial experience related to the installation – compliance monitoring and removal of many types of above ground (AGST) and underground (UST) bulk storage systems.  Experience includes both chemical and petroleum storage.


PES technical staff have successfully completed hundreds of UST removals and associated remediation projects, including but not limited to mass soil excavation and associated construction dewatering.   We can coordinate all necessary permitting, excavation equipment, product removal and disposal and environmental sampling.  Our services also include completion of all required reports and submittal to the regulatory agency.


In the event a release of product has occurred, additional assessment and remediation may be required.  Precisions experienced staff of geologists and technicians assist clients in completing post-closure assessment (tier assessment), development of remedial action plans and subsequent soil and/or groundwater remediation in pursuance of No Further Action (NFA) status.


Regulated removal and closure of UST systems can be a lengthy and costly process.  Precisions experience and expertise can help reduce cost while ensuring a quick and effective resolution.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management
Removal/Mass Soil Excavation/Construction Dewatering

Two Case Studies on the closure of Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Underground Storage Tank Management
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