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PES utilizes Geoprobe drilling capability.

Precision Environmental Services, Inc., in conjunction with our strategic drilling contractor relationships, possesses the personnel, equipment, and experience to meet all our clients’ environmental drilling needs.  PES offers the varied skills and extensive experience of staff geologists, engineers, licensed drillers, heavy equipment operators, and support personnel.  PES has the ability to meet most drilling needs with our in house Geoprobe drilling equipment, for complex drilling in tight formations or in bedrock we have working relationships with several companies that specialize in Sonic and Rotary drilling technology.


Our goal is to make our client’s job easier and to save both time and money. We meet our goal by listening to clients’ needs and by paying strict attention to safety, logistics and the quality of our work. We stress communication, teamwork, and technical skills.

All work is performed in accordance with State Environmental and ASTM standards. 


Our team consists of scientists and operators with years of experience in varied drilling techniques and environmental conditions. Our goal is to ensure your project is completed right the first time, regardless of lithology. Our in-house environmental drilling capabilities include the following:

  • Direct Push (Probe)

  • Angle probing, from horizontal to vertical, enabling probing under structures and foundations

  • Soil Gas Probe Installation

  • Monitoring Well Installation

  • Limited Access Rigs

  • All-Terrain Track Rigs


Sampling Equipment

  • Split spoons including extra heavy-duty samplers for sampling in hard conditions

  • 140- and 300-pound drop hammers

  • Safety Driver sampling winches on all rigs

  • Shelby tubes

  • Piston Samplers

  • Geoprobe and other "push" sampling equipment

  • NQ & HQ (Triple Tube) and 134 mm Wireline coring systems

  • Discrete horizon samplers (soil and water).

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