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PES Project Managers and Health and Safety Officer perform initial health and safety meetings at the start of each project.  Daily (tailgate) meetings, as well as regular audits of site activities, are performed throughout the duration of each project. Tailgate meetings address changes in site conditions and/or procedures. The tailgate meetings also serve as a forum to allow employee input and to distribute information related to site condition changes.   This integrated communication allows for management as well as PESs workforce to share in the decision-making process that ensures a safe work environment.

Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) is supplied to each PES employee.  PESs health and safety officer is responsible for determining the level of protection as well as the issuance of the proper PPE.   Personnel performing tasks that require an additional level of training – are pre-trained by our H&S consultant (Saratoga Safety).  Examples of such tasks include confined space entry, forklift operations, electrical work, welding, excavation, and respirator use. 

PES maintains a library of material safety data sheets (MSDS) for products/materials used during the implementation of daily work tasks.  All company vehicles are equipped with PESs general Health and Safety Plan, first aid kit, road hazard kids and fire extinguisher.

PESs Health and Safety officer performs regular reviews of PESs health and safety procedures. Near miss reports and accident reports are documented, investigated and reviewed.

Precision Environmental Services, Inc. provides its employees with a comprehensive Health and Safety Program (HASP) that includes: initial OSHA HazWoper standard 1910.120 and NYS Labor Department/OSHA "right to know" training, followed by yearly eight-hour refreshers.  In addition, PES field employees receive first aid and CPR instruction/ certification.   Medical monitoring is provided for field employees whose potential job duties present exposure situations that dictate the need for the expanded level of monitoring. Medical monitoring is provided by the Center for Occupational Health of Glens Falls Hospital located in Wilton, NY and is instituted by our Medical Consultant (Saratoga Safety).  An evaluation and clearance for respirator-use are also provided.

The health and safety of its employees is PESs first order of business considering the many potential exposure factors inherent to the environmental industry.   The HASP is typically developed by the Project Manager with review and input by the Health and Safety officer.  PESs outside consultant (Saratoga Safety) is utilized for peer review purposes sites that present non-typical or special health and safety concerns.

Health and Safety Plans (HASPs) are developed for each project based on a thorough review of project specifics including but not limited to existing analytical data, known or potential constituents of concern.   Attention is also paid to common hazards that may result in site construction activities such as excavation, electrical work, water hazards, etc.  The end result of the up-front planning process is a comprehensive HASP that serves as the guide for safe and effective site work.  

PES provides a comprehensive Health and Safety Program (HASP)
As part of HASP programs PES wil provide regular meetings.
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