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Point of Entry Treatment (POET) Water Systems

Private Water Supply


Where public supplies are not available, individual water supplies are needed to provide a drinking water source.  Most private water supplies rely on groundwater as the source for wells or springs. Just under 1.9 million New York residents use privately-owned residential wells (data from National Ground Water Association). If you drink water from your own supply, it is your responsibility to maintain the condition of your well or spring on a regular basis and reduce or eliminate potential sources of pollution. PES staff can assist property owners with water source evaluation as well as source protection plans.  Preventing pollution is one of the most direct ways of reducing health risks from drinking water. Abandoned or unused wells should be closed properly so they cannot contaminate groundwater and nearby wells, or become a physical hazard.

Private water supplies should always be tested before a home is purchased and whenever a new water supply is being developed. Annual testing for certain contaminants is also recommended. Testing results should guide your decisions on whether you need a water treatment system, and if so, what kind. Laws requiring a well test before a real estate transaction have been passed in several eastern New York communities.  


Precision Environmental Services, Inc. staff has performed water supply testing for numerous private and public water supply systems.   PES has designed and installed replacement water supply infrastructure where contaminated supplies have been documented.   We are well versed in the New York State – Department of Health technical requirements defined in CSFP-530 – “Individual Water Supplies – Activated Carbon Treatment Systems” The engineering, geological and hydrogeological experience of Precision staff make the company well qualified to evaluate the source of discovered water supply contamination and provide effective solutions to providing a safe alternative water source.   PES, in conjunction with our local partners, possess the tools and knowledge to tackle individual household and municipal water supply needs.

PES can assist point of entry treatment (POET) water systems, inc. Private Wells, Groundwater, and Public Water Supply Systems

Private Wells, Groundwater, and Public Water Supply Systems

Public Water Supply


Current estimates indicate that more than 90% of New York residents are served by a public water supply at home or elsewhere in their community such as at school or work.  A public water supply (sometimes called a municipal water supply) generally services multiple locations (businesses/private residences). The various water users are serviced by a common source that may include a water system, which collects water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, springs, or groundwater. Municipal drinking water treatment plants are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental or health agencies. Frequent s testing for close to a hundred chemicals and characteristics is required. Water suppliers are required by law to notify the community if there are problems with the water supply.

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