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UST Closure - Mass Contaminated Soil Excavation And Construction Dewatering

Location: Upstate, New York

Project Duration: 12 Months

Impact Characterization: Multiple releases of various petroleum products such as numerous grades of gasoline, diesel, and waste oil with an unknown total volume resulted in an adverse impact to the subsurface soil and groundwater regimes.

Technical Overview: PES personnel performed documentation, construction oversight, and management of all aspects of this major underground storage tank (UST) closure and remedial response project. The UST closure aspect involved the removal of eleven bulk storage USTs and associated piping and dispensing equipment servicing a commercial refueling facility located at a dormant NYS Facility. Major work tasks included the removal and proper disposal of approximately 70,000 gallons of tank fluids, cleaning and removal of the subject USTs and associated piping, as well as the removal of approximately 7,000 tons of contaminated soil.

Subsequent to the tank and soil removal process, PES performed a cost and technical analysis of options for the proper treatment of the contaminated soil. Options investigated included:

  • On-site passive bioremediation (land farming),

  • On-site active ex-situ ventilation coupled with bioremedial augmentation,

  • On- and off-site asphalt batching,

  • Off-site thermal incineration, and

  • Off-site landfill disposal.

Land use/real estate drivers ultimately resulted in the client’s decision to treat subject soil using the off-site thermal incineration methodology.

Site Progression Specifics: Following the remedial action PES performed a post excavation soil sampling and groundwater monitoring investigation that included the installation of thirty-six groundwater monitoring wells. The investigation confirmed the successful mitigation of soil and groundwater contamination to regulatory acceptable levels. The project terminated with the granting of full site closure by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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