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Environmental Consulting, assessment and remediation services in the New York area.

Your Partner in Managing 

 Environmental Issues


PES’s professional staff of environmental consultants provide expert assessment and advisory services for our clients on matters pertaining to the management of environmental issues.   PES's full spectrum of consulting and support services ensures our ability to meet our clients varied needs.  We continually evaluate project objectives to ensure a complete balance of costs, liabilities, compliance and our client's goals. 

PES-Maviro is Committed to Best and Safe Practices


NY State Registered Drilling Certification

PES-Maviro is registered with the State Department of Environmental Conservation to drill or repair water wells.


UDig NY Certified Excavator Operators

The UDig NY Certified Excavator Program in Safe Digging Best Practices (CEP) has set a new standard for training New York State professional excavators in the proper procedures of excavation.  Professionals who have successfully completed the CEP demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the Safe Digging Best Practices that should be used for safe excavation in accordance with the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices and New York State.

30 years.png
PES Precision Environmental Services, Inc. has provided services to over 100 location in New York, New Jersey and Vermont
PES Precision Environmental Services, Inc. has Best Value status,  New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation

Our staff has extensive experience providing a variety of environmental services to a broad spectrum of clientele.


  • Government Agencies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Large & Small Businesses

  • Oil & Gas Companies

  • Engineering Firms

  • Residential

  • Utility Companies


We have provided  environmental monitoring and/or remedial services at over one hundred locations in New York, Vermont, and New Jersey.


  • Subsurface Remedial Investigation

  • Point of Entry Treatment

  • Groundwater and Soil In-situ Capture & Treatment

  • Large scale dewatering/mass soil excavation

and much, much more!


Precision Environmental Services has held a contract to perform environmental assessment and remedial services with the State of New York for over 10 years. PES held primary - ‘Best Value’ status to perform these services for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in Regions 3,4, 5 and 6.

PES has longstanding relationships in the gasoline industry, and manages dozens of retail locations in upstate New York.


Precision Environmental Services carries (at a minimum) the following insurance:


  • Commercial General Liability

  • Pollution Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Automobile Liability

  • Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability

  • Worker’s Compensation Longshore Endorsement


Actual insurance coverage and limits can vary pursuant to specific project requirements


To learn more about all Maviro Inc Services please click the link below

DRILLING SERVICES: Track Tire Geoprobes, Hurricane Dual Purpose - Drill Rig, Sonic/ Rotary Drilling,
Not sure where to start?

Call for a consultation today:  518-885-4399

* Case Studies are available upon request. 

PES seeks the best means to remedy your problems and can manage every phase of the project.

Our goal since inception is to make the resolution of an environmentally impacted property a simple decision by fully illustrating to our clients all options available and by providing the most cost-effective means to execute the optimal strategy. 

Precision Environmental Services applies a number of core management principles to each project to realize this goal. 

PES routinely manages and provides environmental solutions for sites that range from large complex industrial Superfund facilities to small scale home heating oil releases.   Regardless of the size of the project, PES staff provide the diligence and resources to resolve the environmental concerns specific to the site.

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