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Professional Staff includes hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, environmental scientists, chemists, drillers & technicians


Precision Environmental Services maintains an experienced staff of professionals including hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, environmental scientists, chemists, drillers, and technicians. 

Our team provides diverse and extensive experience in the performance of all aspects of environmental investigation and remediation.  Some of the many diverse services offered include but are not limited to; all phases of environmental site assessments, subsurface investigation, and vapor intrusion impact studies.


We are passionate about helping you with your environmental needs.  Please explore this website, sign up for our newsletter or call us at 518-885-4399 to set up a personal meeting.

Experience & Technical Skills

Our Process

Our Process

Our goal is to make the resolution of an environmentally impacted property a simple decision by fully illustrating to our clients all options available and by providing the most cost-effective means to execute the optimal strategy.


Core steps undertaken to accomplish this goal are as follows:

  1. Listen to the client’s needs and motivations to incorporate their perspective in our approach and services.

  2. Provide an up-to-date evaluation of current and developing technologies to ensure that the most economical, technically effective and client issue-driven cause of action is selected. Technology selections are made without bias. Monitored natural attenuation, risk assessment, and other less aggressive solutions are always considered.  PES has made a commitment to remain at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative cost-effective remediation technologies.

  3. Strive to provide complete project clarity with the regulatory community so they may fully understand and be a participant in the solution being proposed. We have routinely resolved difficult and complex situations by balancing the requirements of regulators with the needs and economic considerations of our clients.

  4. Seek out the best possible means to implement the selected remedy.  We will not limit ourselves to our own internal strengths but will look externally for services and expertise to meet our client’s needs. PES has a proven track record of recommending specialists and working with individuals/firms that the client favors.

  5. Ensure project economics and schedules remain at the forefront in the planning and implementation phases of the project.  PES consistently utilizes local and lower cost vendors in ways that won’t sacrifice project integrity.


Every project regardless of size or complexity will be given the hands-on attention, technical input and accountability of a company principle.   This quality control oversight continues during the entire project duration.   PES’s moderate size coupled with multiple in-house capabilities ensures the delivery of highly efficient services to our customer base.   


Our clients have the confidence that we will incorporate both the environmental as well as the financial aspects of their projects into a comprehensive-cost effective solution.  It is always PES’s goal to complete each project on scope, on schedule, and on budget.

PES possess the equipment and technical personnel to provide support services including:

  • drilling/probing,

  • remediation system design,

  • build, installation and operation,

  • mass soil excavation/construction dewatering,

  • underground/aboveground storage tank removal,

  • waste transport/disposal,

  • vapor impact mitigation,

  • domestic water well design/installation,

  • the sampling of various media.  

A few of the many remedial methods implemented by PES include:

  • Groundwater pump and treatment coupled with free product recovery – conventional/vacuum-assisted/total fluids

  • In situ/ex situ soil vapor treatment

  • Vapor intrusion mitigation

  • Air sparging

  • Advanced in situ chemical oxidation

  • Carbon and catalytic off-gas treatment


Many of the PES designed and installed remedial systems include the incorporation of remote monitoring equipment.   Remote monitoring allows for continuous monitoring of system function/efficiencies without the cost associated with frequent site visitations.

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